Knowing full well what lay before Him, the Lord Jesus proceeded to the cross undaunted. His resolve to glorify His Father resulted in our salvation, as well as in all the strength we need to live undaunted Christian lives as we trust in Him by faith.

Connected Christians

From the outset, the early church made it a priority in their discipleship to intentionally develop and maintain relationships that connected believers to one another.

Personal Access to the Living God

We all have times when we feel far from God. He can seem distant and remote, and at such times it may surprise us to learn that He is actually the one most interested in drawing us back into fellowship with Himself. Through His ultimate Mediator and the blood of His covenant we can enjoy personal access to the Living God both now and forever.

Rest Assured

Sometimes the Promised Land seems a long way off. Many obstacles fill our path and we wonder if we will ever enter God’s rest. But God assures us that he goes before us and with us, preparing the way in his power and timing through the One who allowed himself no rest until our salvation was secured.

Holidays dinners, birthday parties, and other special feasts do three things: they help us remember important events from the past; they connect us to those events in personal, ongoing ways; and they create anticipation for even greater celebrations to come. In the same way, God instituted three annual feasts to help His people remember His saving grace, experience it afresh in every generation, and look forward to the Savior who would one day host a celebration like no other.