Resurrection Living

Paul faced every sort of trial imaginable yet served with endurance, joy, and effectiveness. What was his secret? He understood that Jesus’ resurrection provides not only past justification from sins and future deliverance in glory, but power for daily living for all who look to Him for grace.

Palm Sunday is not just a past event. It is a symbol of the ultimate victory of Christ yet to come. Through all the trials and hardships of this life the risen Lord Jesus assures his people that, as Jonathan Edwards summarized, our bad things will turn out for good, our good things can never be taken away, and the best things are yet to come.

Bear with One Another

The biblical command to bear with one another is one of the most important commands in the New Testament, but also one of the most difficult to accomplish while living in community. Bearing with the sinfulness and shortcomings of others is part of living out who we are in Christ, and if we could learn to consistently live out this simple exhortation, it could dramatically transform our relationships with each other. In this Scripture text we’ll see that the apostle Paul lays out practical ways we can begin to live out this essential Christian grace.

Coming with Nothing

Naaman was a powerful general dying of a hideous disease. What he did not realize was that his soul was even more diseased than his body. He suffered from pride, one of the worst manifestations of sin. All his power, wealth, and fame could not cure him. Only the grace of God received through faith in His Word could make him whole. By coming with nothing Naaman would receive everything, ultimately through a far greater General who would not be cleansed but die so that His people would not die but be cleansed.