The damage sin causes to our relationships is beyond mere patching and mending. Our deep-seated, heart-originated hostility toward one another must be demolished through the cross of Christ so that we may be rebuilt as His holy Church. Whether in a marriage, a family, or a church, only Jesus can reconcile us to God and to one another as we look to Him for grace.

In this passage from Luke we will look at several important vignettes from Jesus’ opening public ministry phase where he relocates to Galilee. These early stages of his public ministry are characterized by powerful words and deeds, which demonstrate a power and authority never before seen by the people there. This results in early and growing popularity, but also early opposition, which Luke juxtaposes throughout Jesus’ life.

Forgetting where we come from is not just a social danger; it is a spiritual danger as well. We easily forget the grace we have been shown in Christ, becoming prideful before God, combative with one another, and despondent within ourselves. But God reminds us of the grace He has shown us through the blood of Christ so that we might once again rejoice in His mercy and live for His glory.

We were made to boast. That’s why it is so hard to resist! The problem is that sin has warped our boasting, causing us to boast in ourselves rather than in God. But God’s grace redeems our boasting. It removes our selfish pride and redirects our adoration to the Savior who supremely humbled Himself for our salvation, Jesus Christ.