Deus Ex Machina-Not!

Ezra's God-Centered Lifestyle

As Ezra saw with his own eyes how God worked over and over again, he became a God-centered man who developed three characteristics which we should also be developing.

Long, Slow Refinement

Skills alone are not sufficient for the spiritual service God desires. He uses men and women whose character has been refined by His grace. The second forty years of Moses' life was a period of long, slow refinement which the Lord used for His ultimate glory.

No Accidental Childhoods

Its easy to think that our backgrounds are merely random, but God has specifically ordained them for His good ends. The first forty years of Moses life were a training ground to impart the skills and abilities that God would later use for His glory and the same is true in our lives today.

When God Seems Asleep

Times of hardship often make us feel as though God is asleep, but the Bible assures us that He is wide awake and in control of the affairs of men. He awaits the perfect time to fulfill His covenantal promises to us in Christ and in the mean time enables us to grow in our dependence on Him as we look to Him in faith.