Passing the Baton

Transitions are important. How we share the faith with our kids, reach to lost, develop new leaders, face new seasons of life, and respond to death are all critical in the lives of God’s people. Left to ourselves, our transitions are marked by sin and misery. But through the grace of our changeless Savior we may receive, run with, and pass the baton of gospel ministry with joy, for His glory.

Living Under God's Word

God’s word is perfect, right, and true, bestowing life and granting joy. Yet in our sin we continually seek to live without, and even above, His word. Only the Word of God made flesh, Jesus Christ, can both atone for our sin and enable us to live faithfully and fruitfully under God’s word.

It’s hard to have hope when things seem to be in decline. It’s hard to have faith when evil seems to prevail. But no cultural (or personal!) situation is too dark for the light of God’s word to overcome! As King Josiah discovered, there is always hope for a modern Reformation through the word that points to the Ultimate King, Jesus Christ.

Coming with Nothing

Naaman was a powerful general dying of a hideous disease. What he did not realize was that his soul was even more diseased than his body. He suffered from pride, one of the worst manifestations of sin. All his power, wealth, and fame could not cure him. Only the grace of God received through faith in His Word could make him whole. By coming with nothing Naaman would receive everything, ultimately through a far greater General who would not be cleansed but die so that His people would not die but be cleansed.