Behold Your God

God knows the struggles we face in this life. The afflictions, the concerns, the sorrows. We often find ourselves besieged from without and disheartened from within. But just when we’re at our lowest point God gives us what we most need: A renewed vision of Himself! As the apostle John discovered, nothing is more glorious or soul-restoring than a glimpse of the power, beauty, and perfection of our Triune God. The One who reigns on high rules over all creation and refreshes the souls of those who look to Him for grace.

Jesus’ humanity in the post-resurrection accounts sometimes leads us to underestimate the magnitude of His divinity, but in Revelation John provides a glimpse of His post-resurrection glory so that we may we have supreme confidence in the King to whom we pray.

Palm Sunday is not just a past event. It is a symbol of the ultimate victory of Christ yet to come. Through all the trials and hardships of this life the risen Lord Jesus assures his people that, as Jonathan Edwards summarized, our bad things will turn out for good, our good things can never be taken away, and the best things are yet to come.

The Last Word