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Mission Statement

The mission of Covenant Presbyterian Church is to help people know Christ, grow together in the grace of Christ, and advance the kingdom of Christ, all to the glory and worship of God forever.

Knowing Christ

Knowing Christ involves learning of Him from all the Scriptures, beholding His glory, receiving His grace, and eagerly submitting to His lordship.  It is the source and ongoing sustenance of our Christian lives as we focus on His life, death, and resurrection.

Growing in Christ

Growing in the grace of Christ involves becoming more like Him through our union with Him.  It means increasingly loving what he loves, avoiding what He avoids, and realizing all the privileges and responsibilities that are ours in Him.  It means reflecting all the beauties of His character in faith, hope, and love with sincere humility and willing sacrifice.  It is a process that takes place together as we who are many grow to form one body under Him who is our head, seeking to live obediently, wisely, and fruitfully in the light of eternity.

Advancing His Kingdom

Advancing Christ’s kingdom involves being used by Him to actively live for Him where He has placed us and beyond.  It includes praying for His will to be done, testifying to His saving grace, and developing and using the gifts He has given us to serve others in practical ways.  It is pursued in partnership with fellow believers in our area and around the world, especially those who share our confessional convictions.

 Our ultimate goal in each of these areas is to glorify and worship the Triune God with thankful and joyful hearts, giving Him all honor, reverence, and praise forever.

We Seek to Fulfill Our Mission by Concentrating on Eight Priorities

God's Word

To uphold a focus on faithful expository preaching and congregational teaching that is clear, applicable, and winsome


To promote the worship of God through services that are both reverent and joyful, combining thoughtful words and excellent music


To increasingly rely upon God and participate in His work through prayer

Shepherding Care

To supply loving shepherding care for every member of the church family


To foster active participation in smaller groups where individual needs can be met and each can minister to others

Christian Education

To provide an effective Christian education program to inform, train, and disciple all members of the congregation


To advance the missionary work of the church in our area and throughout the world

Mercy Ministry

To serve the church and its community through ministries of assistance and mercy