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christian education

You are warmly invited to join us at 9:15 A.M. on Sundays as we provide Christian education for all ages.

Classes for Ages 2 - 12th grade

Our Sunday School curriculum is developed by Great Commissions Publications (GCP), which is the joint publishing ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  The various categories of classes for young children and students include:

2-3’s (Toddler)
4-5’s (Preschool)
Grades 1-2 (Younger Elementary) 
Grades 3-4 (Middle Elementary)
Grades 5-6 (Older Elementary)
Jr. and Sr. High

Adult Education

Adult classes at Covenant are designed to renew the mind and to ultimately assist the saints in becoming better equipped to serve the Lord.  Thoughtful, interactive discussion is a goal in each classroom, whether the study is on a book of the Bible, evangelism, apologetics or a topic such as marriage or stewardship. New classes are offered every 4-8 weeks and a brochure of current offerings is available.  

Christian Education Committee

The committee continues to work toward providing a quality educational program that shares Paul’s aim for his disciples, namely, to make Christians who are complete and mature in Christ.  To this end, the Christian Education program at Covenant has varied elements that help to accomplish our purpose: Early Childhood Education, Sunday School, Junior Church, Vacation Bible School, Sonflower Girls, and Trailblazer Boys.