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Relationships are important. God chose to enter into a relationship of mercy and salvation with us through His Son, Jesus Christ, and He instructs us in His Word how we are to seek to love, serve, and draw encouragement from one another in His Name.

At Covenant we seek to foster this sense of Christ-centered community in a variety of ways.  There are a number of opportunities to take part in smaller groups for prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.  We periodically host congregation-wide breakfasts, picnics, and dinners, as well as opportunities for small groups to get to know one another through dine-in/dine-out groups.  On occasion we host special events and offer refreshments and an opportunity to talk afterward.  In every way we try to reinforce the reality that we are a family in Christ where every member is essential.

As part of our family-in-Christ focus, when visitors attend we offer them a loaf of welcome bread to let them know we care about them personally.  When members are sick, or are rejoicing in the birth of a new child, volunteers from the church deliver home-cooked meals to their house.  Each week many members of our church family linger well after the service has concluded to catch up on each other's lives and strengthen existing friendships.

If you would like more information on how you may become a part of our fellowship in Christ, whether through a small group, attending/helping with a meal, or being a part of other fellowship events, please contact the church office and you will be directed to the person who can best assist you. Click here to view a brochure of our current fellowship opportunities.  We look forward to welcoming you through the grace of Jesus Christ!