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Preparing the Way for the Lord

Series: 2 Chronicles

Rev. John RohrmanNovember 27, 2022Passage: 2 Chronicles 27:1-9

The story of King Jotham is both brief and seemingly lacking in unique or memorable details, whether positive or negative. But perhaps what is most noteworthy is what he did not do: become proud and unfaithful to the LORD his God as his father did. He simply and humbly “did what was right” and “ordered (or prepared) his ways before the LORD his God.” But even more than a positive example of simple, humble faithfulness, Jotham’s story matters to us because he was another link in the chain from David to Jesus. Not only did he faithfully prepare his own ways, God used him to faithfully prepare the way for the Lord himself to come and save his people from their sins.
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